Sunstates E-learning

At Sunstates Security, learning is always at the top of our list and at the tips of our fingers. Any Sunstates employee with a live internet connection can login to his or her own personal E-learning portal, anytime, anywhere, and access an entire library of courses designed specifically for security professionals.

Course topics range from basic security officer training, to Department of Homeland Security certificate programs, to leadership & development courses for supervisors and managers. And because the Sunstates Learning Management System (LMS) is secure and customizable, clients can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that training designed specifically for their facility is assigned only to Sunstates employees who have a need to learn that material.

At Sunstates Security, the E-Learning experience is core to our belief that a continuous and ongoing education program will result in a highly skilled, customer oriented, exceptionally prepared security team.

For a quick video tour of the Sunstates E-Learning program within our customized LMS click the play button below.  


"Certificate of Excellence 

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From a valued Fortune 100  

Petrochemical client