Show Your Appreciation to Our Security Officers

The security officers who strive to help maintain safe and secure workplaces, schools, shopping malls and communities deserve our heartfelt appreciation. Security officers are hard-working, highly trained men and women who are our country’s first responders. The inaugural National Security Officer Appreciation Week is September 20 – 26, 2015. This is an incredible opportunity to say thank you and recognize security officers’ many contributions to our daily lives.

Please join BOMA and Sunstates Security in showing your appreciation for the men and women that strive to create safer and more secure environments every day.

  • When you see a security officer, stop and thank them.
  • Show your appreciation of security officers via social media using #ThankUSecurity.
  • Encourage others to also show their appreciation for all security officers.

Thank you for taking just a few minutes to show your appreciation of those who watch out for us every day! Send us a picture of the Sunstates Security officer you appreciate and email to Please remember to include a brief description and the officer’s name and location. Connect with us