Students Rising Safety Concern Pushed Texas Wesleyan University to Hire a New Security Firm


FORT WORTH, TX, March 3, 2015—After several student complaints last November regarding campus safety and security, Texas Wesleyan University made the decision to bid on a new security firm.

Patti Alexander, Vice President of Enrollment & Student Services along with others interviewed four security firms in attempts to improve campus security.

“We were looking for a certain type of officers,” Alexander said.

The group unanimously voted on Sunstates Security which took over March 1st replacing another national security firm, which has been securing the campus for the past three years.

We were very impressed with Sunstates presentation and reviews said Alexander.

“We were looking for a company that focused on customer service, she said. “The current officers do not speak to the students and faculty.”

Texas Wesleyan University put together an extremely detailed review process prior to selecting Sunstates Security according to Denis J. Kelly, Executive Vice President of Sunstates Security.

“We believe the reasons for their selection will align with the benefits and improvements the TWU students, faculty and staff will experience,” Kelly said.” Those benefits will include a more visible, proactive, customer service focused security team dedicated to working closely with everyone on campus.”

Officers of Sunstates Security are required to have three years prior law enforcement or military experience and level three training according to Alexander.

“Which means the officers will have AED and CPR emergency training,” she said.

The current Security officers were not required to have prior law enforcement or military experience.

The new staff will provide a higher quality service that will make students feel more at ease said Blake Bumbard, Campus Security Manager.

“Security will be greatly improved due to the new officer’s experience and training, said Bumbard. “I think students will feel a lot safer.”

However higher quality means more money.

There was an increase in the security budget monies annually, Alexander said.

But great improvement, experience, and training is invaluable according to Bumbard.

The current security firm staffs four officers on duty at all times said Bumbard.

Sunstates Security provides six officers on campus 24/7 and management will be on campus 8 times a month to monitor them said Alexander.

“That impressed me most, that’s more than most security firms,” she said. “They have great management and are so involved.”

Sunstates prides itself on being a proactive partner with a manager to officer ratio three times that of the industry standard, said Kelly.

“TWU and Sunstates have worked closely to develop an enhanced program that will be noticeably improved from the increased visibility of officers on campus to the appearance and professionalism of the personnel,” he said.

Students will see a total difference Alexander said.

We need to make sure the student’s needs are met, said Alexander. “They’re our top priority.”

The Student Government Association requested forums to discuss the security issues last semester she said.

After months of reviewing student security forums Bumbard found that the top complaint among all was the impression the security officers presented to students.

“They didn’t know what they were doing and weren’t properly trained, students complained,” Bumbard said. “The new officer’s initial first impression upon students will help out a lot.”

Chris Shaddix, senior pre-law student, said security should be the highest priority for our school right now.

“I have had my belongings stolen from my car on campus last year,” Shaddix said. “My hope is that the school is able to hire the most qualified personnel.”

Wesleyan is also planning to have a group of retired Fort Worth officers on evenings and weekends starting June 1, Alexander said.

The new company will provide the campus with a higher quality service, Bumbard said.

“We have always had an ongoing review on how to make things better,” he said. “The student forums and concerns really made us look for a new security firm to provide us a higher quality of service.”

Author: Brianna Kessler

Published March 3, 2015 on The

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