The primary responsibility of a Security Officer is the protection of people and property. Patrol is a vital part of this responsibility, and it’s important for every Security Officer to master patrol skills. The use of patrols as a Security measure can be traced all the way back to ancient times, and there’s a good reason for that. We call it the “Theory of Patrol”.

The Theory of Patrol is based on the hope that individuals contemplating a crime may not go through with it, knowing someone with the authority to legally stop them is nearby. We can never entirely stop improper behavior; there will always be some people looking for ways around the law. However, when faced with the risk of getting caught, many would-be criminals may choose not to follow through with their plans. A regular and highly visible, but unpredictable, patrol by a Security Officer serves to let people know that the property and the people on it are being looked after and that attempts to commit a crime on the property are more likely to be discovered.

To support the nationwide launch of the “If You See Something, Say Something™” Department of Homeland Security campaign, Sunstates Security is releasing The Principles of Patrol, the first in our new series of courses designed to promote awareness.