Sunstates Security Supervisor of the Year 2020

Sunstates is thrilled for this year’s Supervisor of the Year award.  For 2020, we had 15 incredible nominations from across the county.  All the supervisors nominated are dedicated, dependable employees; however, only one can receive the honor of being the Supervisor of the Year.  Below are the winner and runner-up from 2020.

Supervisor of the Year 2020:

Kevin Holland, Security Director-Site Manager: Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Sunstates Security Supervisor of the Year 2020

With very little advance notice, Kevin was selected by our principal client, to take over the Security Director’s position when the current Director was deployed overseas with the Florida National Guard.  Although it was a quick transition, the comments received from our client regarding Kevin’s performance have been, “Kevin is doing a great job. We are working very well together. I have complete confidence in Kevin’s decisions. Kevin has been excellent at revising and updating Campus Security Policies. His recommendations are very good.”

In addition to leading a 24-officer staff and 1,000 weekly hours of service, Kevin is also our Range Trainer.   He takes the time to qualify our armed staff members.  Furthermore, Kevin has helped all the operations managers and site managers fill their schedules with his personnel when needed. He does an excellent job for the Fort Lauderdale, Florida region.

Supervisor of the Year Runner-Up:

Kevin Waddy, Site Manager: Atlanta, GA.

Atlanta Georgia Security Personnel Services Sunstates Security Company Supervisor

Kevin has been an integral part of the Sunstates Security team for many years. He maintains access control (amongst other things) remotely for various sites, soon to be globally. Upon any visit to the site, his team is focused, reliable and efficient. This is a direct correlation to Kevin’s ability to coach, teach and train.

His team’s knowledge and effectiveness allow for the ultimate client experience, knowing that they can rely on Kevin to create ideas, be a part of the development, and ultimately implement any new process.

There are numerous statistics (OT, training, inspections, etc.) that could be utilized to show how valuable Kevin is, but the one that stands out to me is the fact that he has provided a 0% turnover in 2018 and 2019. As we have heard, “employees leave bosses, not jobs.” I cannot think of an example that shines more than this.


Great Work!

Congratulations to both gentlemen on your accomplishments.  We are glad to have you as part of the Sunstates team and look forward to your growing success with our company!  Another shoutout to all the nominees and keep up the great work!

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