Why Choose a Career in Security?


Choose a Career in Security- Sunstates Security CompanyAre you searching for a new, exciting career path?  Then, choose a career in security!  These jobs are a necessity, and with all the unique roles available across the country, you will be able to find an option best matched for your skills.  Continue this article to see why you should choose a career in security.    


Essential Jobs

We all are aware of what a hectic time it has been.  However, throughout the craziness, security jobs have thrived.  Now more than ever, the need for security personnel is imperative.  While the security field is ever-changing with advancements in technology, the need for security officers and those supporting them are not going anywhere.  A career in the security field will bring you many opportunities and job security.     


Room to Grow

From security officers to site supervisors to training coordinators and more, there is a position for everyone.  The security job field has many opportunities for all levels of security knowledge.  At Sunstates, there are positions available with limited security experience and room to grow within our company.  With the continued education and training offered, you can go as far as your drive will take you.  Do not let the lack of a security background stop you from starting your security career, especially if you have military or customer service experience!  


Career with a Purpose

Want a job that makes you feel fulfilled?  With a career in security, daily, you leave knowing you positively impacted those around you.  Whether on patrol in a community neighborhood helping families feel secure or greeting those entering a corporate building to ensure visitors and employees feel welcome, you will impact their day.  We have had security officers save lives, prevent devastating damage to properties, deter unwanted visitors at a site, and more.         


Sunstates Security Opportunities

If you’re searching for a career with challenging and rewarding opportunities, we invite you to explore the possibilities at Sunstates Security.  As a proactive security partner for some of the country’s leading companies and organizations, we provide careers for talented people to become part of a successful, growing company.  As mentioned, at Sunstates, we like to promote from within.  Therefore, you have an opportunity to earn a supervisory role or managerial position if that career path is desired.  We support you while you grow and learn.

If you have ever worked for another security company, you will notice the Sunstates difference right away.  We give you the resources and education you need to learn and succeed.  We recognize and reward hard work with bonuses, perks, recognition and other incentives.  We value you.  Our clients value you.  We make sure you know and feel that every day.  We have available opportunities across the U.S.  If you consider a career in the security field, consider Sunstates Security


Choose a Career in Security

Want to learn more about different security officer duties?  Visit our Security Personnel page for examples.

If you have any additional questions about why you should choose a career in security, don’t hesitate to contact us.