Strategic Partners

Extending our services with trusted partners

We partner with carefully vetted firms to expand and extend the safety and security we provide.

The reason is simple. We concentrate on what we do best. When we can develop specific expertise in-house and serve our clients well, we do. When an outside firm can help us do more for our clients and shares our commitment to always putting the client first, we partner with them.

SilverTrac Software- Sunstates Security Services

Silvertrac Software is a Security Guard Reporting tool that allows users to report incidents, respond to tasks, and scan checkpoints to a live issue monitor. While in the field, users can take pictures, record audio files, and add notes to generate amazing reports in a quick and easy process. All of this information is available in powerful reports that track data, analyze trends, and give you and your clients the vital information you need to improve your operations.

SilverTrac Software- Sunstates Security Services

ThreatMinder analyzes risk to grow and protect your business. Threatminder’s Risk-as-a-Service Solution analyzes data across thousands of endpoints and platforms, including open source, corporate and private sources – resulting in real-time, actionable Risk Knowledge.

D3 provides the only fully integrated system made up of the most advanced incident reporting, investigation/case management, computer-aided dispatch (CAD), security post orders and security guard tour patrol technology on the market today. Elements of the system are made available on a product by product basis. D3 delivers the most flexibility for designing a cost-effective security management system that meets your existing requirements with the option to add more features and functionality in the future effortlessly.

Geotab Strategic Partner Sunstates Security Company

Assisting in the safety, efficiency and compliance of managing our fleet; Geotab is the perfect solution.  Offering easy installation, advanced vehicle tracking, ultra-accurate engine diagnostics, secure communication, accident detection and notification and more.  This tool’s high-performance technology is flexible and customizable to your exact business needs.

Team Software- Sunstates Security Strategic Partner

This recruiting software gives Sunstates the tools to generate more applicants, screen them for fit and manage compliant onboarding. The TEAM applicant tracking system and onboarding software has a specific security industries process.  This software along with our hiring procedure will ensure we find the best suited team members for our client sites and for our management and corporate team. 

Gravity Sunstates Security Strategic Partner

Gravity is the first and only industrial-grade digital tethering device that eliminates human error from master key loss.  This key control system is easy to use, preemptive and has an amazing ROI.  It features a three-way separation alarm, industrial-grade quality, scalability, and storability.   


ESGR has served our country for more than 45 years, fostering a culture in which all employers support and value the employment and military service of members of the National Guard and Reserve in the United States. Sunstates works closely with the ESGR to employ veterans.

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