Learn. Grow. Achieve.

In addition to mandatory pre-assignment training, Sunstates utilizes a cutting-edge E-learning platform that delivers the following types of training:

• Client-specific learning paths
• Vertical market-specific training
• Ongoing required safety and security training
• Leadership Candidate Training
• Optional training opportunities to enhance your skillset and advance your career

Sunstates offers a Tuition Reimbursement Program to encourage our employees to expand upon industry knowledge as a means of expanding career opportunities.

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Learning and Growing

To help you enjoy a long-term career with Sunstates, we offer a wide variety of online classes and training to build your skills and knowledge. We provide substantial resources and support for security officers pursuing higher education and specialized certifications.

Because the system is online, you can learn anywhere you have an internet connection, and choose from more than 350 courses. Topics range from basic security officer training to Department of Homeland Security certificate programs to leadership and development courses that prepare you to become a supervisor or manager.

The more you learn, the further you can grow in your career. We’re committed to helping you every day you’re with Sunstates. Please review our current openings.

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