Quality assurance

Quality assurance commitment

When it comes to quality assurance, we leave nothing to chance. Our management oversight, site visits, and other quality assurance checks far exceed industry standards. The Sunstates quality assurance system includes:

Manager on-site visits several times each month
• On-site safety audits three times each year
• Face-to-face client meetings at least once per month
• Phone/Virtual client meetings at least once per week
• Comprehensive reports
• Quality assurance reviews at least once per year
• Customer surveys sent twice per year

Quality assurance measures and metrics are custom-tailored to your facility, employees and operations. Our managers meet regularly with you to review those metrics and to ensure that we are meeting or exceeding your standards.

Quality Assurance Sunstates Security

Information and Reports

We believe that trust begins with communication and transparency, so we provide extensive reports and documentation, including:

• Daily activity reports
• Incident-based reports in real-time
• Shift pass down logs
• Site inspection logs
• Client-specific reports
• Special reports, such as energy management system reports, surveillance or building system reports
• Officer evaluations
• Payroll reports
• Client contact reports

Site supervisors, managers and executives, are always available to answer questions, discuss reports, and provide any other information.

On-Site, On Point

The foundation of our quality assurance program is our extensive management oversight. A variety of managers and executives visit your site each month. Some visits are scheduled; some are unexpected. If we find anything that requires corrective action, another manager will follow up with a second visit to ensure the action has been taken.

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