This is a company that actually cares for its employees. The pay is good, the benefits are great, and management is exceptional. This is a company that you can grow with and build a career in the Security Industry. If you don’t currently work for Sunstates Security, you should!

-Site Manager (Dallas, TX)

Since I started with Sunstates during this pandemic, it has been very open and detailed about all my job duties and requirements. You go through training both in-person and online. The armed requirements are very impressive, you must pass levels of testing before being allowed to be considered, which is more than most companies require. The pay is above the average for security here in Savannah. The management staff has been very open and very professional. The Security Manager and Operations Manager are very down-to-earth and approachable!! They speak to the whole team when they are onsite and ask if you need anything, A+ Highly recommended for anyone who is self-disciplined and wants to work with a great team!

-Armed Security Officer (Savannah, GA)


I like this company & the client that I’m located at due to the fact that I’m treated with respect along with being recognized for my hard work & achievements. The pay is site-based which is a fair rate but all sites pay differently. Sunstates is a good company in my opinion because I’m treated well & my concerns are always listened to and taken seriously which means a lot to me. This is a good company if you’re considering the security industry.

-Security Officer (Charlotte, NC)


I have worked in Security for approximately 11 years, the majority of which has been in Contract Security. I have worked for four (five if you include a co. merger) other Contract Security Companies. I first learned of Sunstates while working for some of their competitors. What I found time and time again was that staff unhappy with their existing Security Companies were leaving to go work for Sunstates. Having acquaintance with several people who had made that decision, and speaking with them, they all were very pleased with their decision. What I had been hearing was that Sunstates not only has higher standards for their staff but takes real care and consideration of their staff’s needs. Having had my own personal challenges with several Security Companies I have worked for, I decided it was time to make the same decision. I have been working for Sunstates for five months now. I can honestly say that it is the most employee-centric, team-oriented, success for others driven, contract organization I have worked for. At Sunstates you are not on an island, and those who work hard and work well are recognized and given greater opportunities. Benefits are affordable and quality and every FT employee is eligible for paid time off (not just those whose clients force the company too).

-Operations Manager (Raleigh, NC)


Over the years I have worked with a lot of different companies. Very rarely do you come across one that truly cares about its employees. Sunstates Security happens to be one of those companies. Since I started working for them I have felt like I belong and am taken care of. I have been promoted once already in the few months I have been here. Everything that Sunstates has ever promised me they have delivered on. Looking forward to a long-lasting career here at Sunstates.

-Armed Flex Officer (San Antonio, TX)

Management has been very straightforward and extremely fair towards me since day 1. They’re always there to help, answer questions and provide guidance. Some of the best management I’ve had the pleasure of working with.  I’ve worked for a few security companies and by far my time with Sunstates has been the best. There are a multitude of learning options available and management is very ready to help answer any questions you may have. Definitely a company I’d like to work for long term.

-Security Officer (Louisville, KY)


I’ve been working for Sunstates for almost four years now. I started as an officer and made my way up to be a Site Supervisor. Excellent leadership, and highly professional upper management.  They’re caring about you, they always wanted to see if you need anything and if they could provide anything to help. Sunstates is unique in delivering outstanding training, benefits, and promotion within.

-Site Manager (Wilmington, DE)

Sunstates Security picked me up after I was furloughed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. I am sincerely thankful for the opportunity I’ve been given to work for this company, the compassion those who interviewed me displayed for my sudden jobless situation, and the urgency/timeliness with which they brought me on board. I would strongly recommend this company to anyone who is seeking a professional, open-door workplace environment, and anyone with a service-oriented mindset and a passion for protection.

-Site Manager (Dayton, OH)


Since I started working with Sunstates Security this is the best company I have worked for. I have worked for plenty of security companies and never felt at ease. The management team is great and you can depend on them if any issues arrive. I know I will be with this company for many years to come.

-Security Officer (Indianapolis, IN)


Sunstates is a well-organized security company with a competent staff that is always willing to provide support and answer questions. HR always responds to concerns in a timely manner and makes sure that answers are clearly understood. They also provide additional online training which helps if pursuing professional growth within the company.

-Site Supervisor (New York, NY)


Great company to work for! The company pays more than the average wage for the security industry in my area. Sunstates has one of the best benefits packages that I have seen in the industry, they offer affordable insurance, paid time off, paid bereavement, referral bonuses, there are many opportunities to advance. The company seems to care about its employees and strives to help them grow professionally and personally. The supervisor and managers work hard to ensure that their employees have the tools to be successful and complete their duties in a safe manner. Sunstates actually values the quality of their service to not just their clients but also to their employees!

-Security Officer (Nashville, TN)


Sunstates is an excellent environment to work in. Throughout all job titles, all the way up to the CEO, everyone is so kind and always willing to lend a helping hand. The mentorship and opportunity for growth are what sets Sunstates apart.

-Corporate Office (Raleigh, NC)

This company goes above and beyond for their employees and clients, from an officer to an operations manager to a regional, no matter who needs assistance with anything, the corporate support team is there to assist. I would recommend this company for looking for a part-time job or someone looking to grow with a company into upper management.

-Operations Manager (Ontario, CA)

I have been with Sunstates Security for over a year and a half. I started as a site supervisor and move up to the site manager. Sunstates Security is a very good company to work for if I need help management is always there to help me if I have questions or need help. I have a great team at my work site everyone works together to get the job done. I would most definitely recommend Sunstates Security for anyone looking to start a career with this company.

-Site Manager (Cincinnati, OH)


I was an existing site captain when Sunstates Security acquired the account I work at. I felt welcomed and my managers appreciated my 14 years of knowledge of this particular account and the many long-term relationships I have built with the client and their customers. As a site supervisor for 2 class A office buildings and their adjacent garages with 24 hours 7 day a week coverage I can honestly say my Sunstates managers have never left me without well-trained replacement officers when needed. My team feels like they are all part of the entire Sunstates team/family. Happy well-trained Officers make our clients and customers happy and they make me happy! Kudos Sunstates and please anyone reading this apply, you will enjoy your experience as a Sunstates employee.

-Site Supervisor (Orlando, FL)


I enjoy working for them. I feel like they are a great, company they take care of their employees is a pleasure to work with them I would recommend them to anybody.

-Unarmed Security Officer (Charleston, SC)


Excellent company, whose mission and vision can be seen in the culture of their region. Management cares about their employees, including senior management. CEO visits every site and spends time with employees, listening to their feedback and ideas. The management team works hard to ensure their employees are heard from and they take pride in making sure communication remains open at all times through inspections of the employees and engaging with them during site visits.

-Site Manager (Savannah, GA)


I have worked for several security companies but Sunstates is different. I see managers regularly and they call to see how things are going or if I need anything that would help me do my job better. There is a lot of training online that I can do if I want to move up in the company. I feel like I am supported because my manager calls me and answers the phone if I need anything. At other companies, it was sometimes days before anyone called me back. It is nice to feel appreciated at work.

-Security Officer (Port Reading, NJ)


I’ve worked for a few Security companies over the years and Sunstates is the first one that shows it cares about its employees. First off the owner and CEO takes a general interest in the company and stays in constant contact with the leadership. Managers and supervisors take the time to recognize hard work, great benefits, better than average pay, with opportunities for advancement.

-Site Supervisor (Louisville, KY)


Sunstates provides excellent security training and Medical training including Adult CPR/AED, and Pediatric CPR and first aid. Management really cares about their employees at all levels.

-Security Officer (Raleigh, NC)


Been working for Sunstates for about little over 3 months and no problems whatsoever. Management is very professional and understanding and WILL hear you out on any problem you have. I feel like I’m wanted here with the company and not like other companies who just sees you as a body. Sunstates cares about their employees.

-Security Officer (San Antonio, TX)

Sunstates Security is comparable to a big family. Everyone works together and supports each other. Management works hard to give you the tools you need for success. They let you know that you as a person are very important to them. I have been with the company for 2 years and plan to stay as long as they will have me!

-Site Manager (Troy, AL)


I have been in the security field for almost 20 years, and I must say this is a great company. It starts with the regional manager, who is in charge of hiring and goes to your account manager who will be your everyday supervisor. There is a level of professionalism here that isn’t seen in many other fly-by-night companies. I haven’t experienced any issues at all regarding weekly pay, and communication with my supervisors. I would recommend giving this company a hard look.

-Security Officer (West Palm Beach, FL)


I have worked for many security companies over the years and I have finally found a home with Sunstates Security. They are highly focused on the happiness of the officers and the clients. It is a great balance. I really feel like my voice is heard and that I make a difference with the support from the management team.

-Security Officer (Durham, NC)

I want to make sure that you are aware of an incident that occurred last night at our site. At approximately 11:30 pm during Officer V’s patrol of the building, she noticed a gas odor on the basement level of the building as soon as she stepped off of the freight elevator. She did absolutely everything correctly.  She contacted after hours and placed a work order.  She found that the gas was coming from outside the building in the loading dock and then placed plastic under the loading dock doors to try to minimize any further gas entering the building.

She contacted the security guard for the neighboring building and they were made aware of the leak.  She was able to communicate with the on-call technician and convey exactly what was happening.  The on-call technician contacted the fire department to investigate the leak further.  The gas leak was located on the other sites’ property and the gas was turned off by.

This is exactly how a situation like this should have gone.  In fact, your officer went above and beyond in this case by trying to stop the gas from entering the building at the loading dock doors.

-Property Manager (Orlando, FL)


We had a fire and thanks to our officer’s close attention to detail he extinguished the fire in less than a minute. The fire, caused by a cigarette, was potentially devastating and could have destroyed millions of dollars of artwork.

-Director of Operations at a Museum (Savannah GA)

On-site Security Officers continually provide support in a fast-paced, complex, fluid food industry environment. Officers provide dual responsibilities in both security and quality assurance areas on our facilities. They continually communicate directly to facility managers, Sunstates’ managers, and corporate security managers when appropriate. We continually receive positive feedback from facility managers regarding their assigned Sunstates Security teammates.

Simply – best in the business.

-Director of Security (Alexandria, VA)


Sunstates Security continues to provide outstanding services!  Their Security Officers continue to go above and beyond to protect our personnel, customers, visitors and our assets.  Outstanding job to all!!!

-Sr. Safety and Environmental Compliance Manager (Wilmington, DE)


I wanted to take a moment to commend your officer and thank you for employing him to support our relationship.  The officer, time and again, is a solid performer for us.  Not only does he do an outstanding job in his daily duties, but he goes beyond that, mentoring new guards and handling special requests out at our site.  When my team knows he is on post, we know that he will follow my philosophy of the 3 E’s (Engage, Engage, Engage) and we know that any situation is well in hand.

A sincere thank you for his hard work and exceptional work ethic, I hope that it echoes in the halls of your corporate office as the benchmark standard that you hold your employees to.

-Director of Security (Carson City, NV)


I am writing to let you know how much we appreciate the support and professional dedication demonstrated by your officer.  He has embraced his duties at our Virginia site with enthusiasm, dedication and ownership.

As we all are aware, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused operations to become more flexible as we deliver our services and products. I can attest to your officers’ dedication to our company during this difficult period, as he professionally executes his duties.

One of our company’s main priority is the safety of the employees, vendors, contractors and visitors that enter our footprint. One of the ways we continue to protect those supporting our business endeavors is with the introduction of a computerized AI thermal scanner at the field locations. While this equipment was field-tested and readied for use at our construction site, there were instances in which the weather affected the readings and/or equipment. During these instances, your officer took ownership of the situation, clearly communicated the issue, presented a viable alternative temporary solution, and at the proper time sought corrective support for the equipment.

His actions resulted in no extraordinary delays at the site and the continuance enforcement of our COVID-19 safety policies.

The officer represents Sunstates, our company and himself as a consummate professional, one worthy of accolades. We truly thank you and your staff for the tireless effort shown in supporting us.

Stay safe and once again thank you.

-Senior Manager (Roanoke, VA) 

I want to recognize your Security Officer, who has the watch on 3rd Shift here at our site.  During his patrol on the night of September 7, he identified and reported one of our trucks as having an expired license tag.  We immediately corrected the situation by taking it to the DMV on September 8 to be re-registered.  In doing so we found that the insurance card was expired AND the current registration card was not signed.  Thanks to your security officer, a failure for our company to internally track the registration status and necessary document maintenance was identified.  As a result of his observation and report, he prompted me to implement a much-need tracking program for all of our licensed vehicles.

Sunstates Security continues to provide outstanding support to us and we very much appreciate all you do for us!  Kudos to your security officers!!

-Safety and Environmental Compliance Manager (Delaware)


Thanks a million. By the way, the security personnel at the front gate do an outstanding job. I have never seen so many workers do the same quality job with commitment and professionalism. I think whoever the supervisor is, she/he is doing a really good job of training and oversight. Please let she/he know that people do notice. I think they are checking to ensure safety for the residents and all really care.

-On-Site Property Manager (Houston, TX) 


To the ENTIRE team – The event could not have happened without each and every one of you and we are grateful for all you did to make the evening a success.  Some of you started months ago and others joined last night… truly no job was too small, and you did it all.

-VP of Company (Palm Beach, FL)


Thank you for the report on finding the door open at our building, contacting the police department to clear/check the building for any criminal activity, and securing the building. Thank you again and Sunstates Security for watching over our facilities and making sure our employees are safe and secure under these additional stressful times.

-Global Security Manager (Greensboro, NC) 


I wanted to take a minute and personally thank you all for your effort and diligence in protecting our facilities. Your continued high performance under great leadership and our shift leaders gives me great pride. In fact, today after our most recent event yesterday wherein your officer noted a fire at an outbuilding on video at its incipient stage, a senior leader from my organization said to me: “Your team operates like a well-oiled machine. Very efficient. Very thorough”.  Please accept my full thanks for a continued job well done. I appreciate what you do. While most only people recognize security’s actions during major events such as medical emergencies and fires; I know you have equal or better value on the nights you keep the wolves from our door by your continued vigilance.

-Senior Director, Corporate Security (Silver Spring, MD) 


I just wanted to take a minute to compliment your officer for promoting safety at our building.  Last week Community Relations hosted an event covering Communities in Practice and addressing the need of helping families pull out of poverty.  Your officer was extremely helpful in assisting with limited parking issues, and helping event sponsors and participants enter and exit the building.  More notable was a specific incident that I observed when a lady carrying two wooden stools started up the stairway.  He immediately called out to her, and jumped to assist and direct her to the elevator!  She said, “oh that’s okay, I carrying this stuff all the time, and I can carry them just fine”.  He wasn’t having it!  He politely insisted and responded, “no ma’am, I can’t allow you to do that.  Please let me help get you to the elevator”.  He opened the door for her and pressed the elevator button.   I paused for a minute and then thanked him for being so vigilant in his efforts to promote safety and “Live Our Purpose”.  Please join me in acknowledging and thanking him for his service.

-Supervisor (Nashville, TN) 


Please let whoever your security officer was this past Friday and Saturday night that we really appreciate his due diligence to review the buildings and let us know what issues he is finding.  He has found leaks in the buildings and on the site.  These could have caused damage to the project and we truly appreciate his efforts and notification to our team so we could correct these items.

-Senior Project Manager (Raleigh, NC)


I want to recognize the security guards that are currently working at our facility.  This is the best group that we have had to date.  They are attentive, resourceful and prompt in an emergency.  Special kudos to one officer as he exhibits excellent leadership skills and is always professional and noble.  The units benefit immensely from the presence of the security guards and we are grateful for them.  Thanks so much.

-Nursing Supervisor (New Castle, DE)

We continued to be impressed with the strong team you have built over the past six months. Additionally, as I’ve mentioned during our weekly meetings, we have been appreciative of the robust training initiatives, branch involvement, and overall professionalism that Sunstates has brought to our security operations.

Please share this success with the larger team and help keep the positive energy going.

-Community Association Operations Manager (Florida) 

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