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Construction Site Security Sunstates Security Company

Sunstates Security has a vast understanding of providing construction site security services for short and long-term projects. We are familiar with the unique challenges and continuously changing requirements associated with this type of work. Additionally, Sunstates has the team and approach to ensure superior, qualified construction site security.


Unique Security Challenges

We recognize the inherent responsibilities of protecting an open construction site environment.  Expensive supplies and equipment are unsecured, and various contractors and visitors pass through daily. The open-access environment, high foot traffic, and operating elements within the construction environment (suppliers, vendors, contractors, etc.) create a complex system.  For that reason, construction sites require security officers who are customer service oriented, alert, attentive to details, and effective in the enforcement of access control and inventory management.  Furthermore, in order to respond immediately to emergent situations, officers need training and clear instructions.  Sunstates officers are thoroughly screened and go through a comprehensive training program before and throughout their employment.  If the officers ever need any additional support, their Sunstates supervisors and managers are always accessible.     


Construction Site Security Services

Officers working at construction sites can perform numerous tasks.  Security services include:

  • Foot or vehicle patrols of site perimeter; foot patrols of building structures to serve as a deterrent to criminal activity and to identify potential safety hazards
  • Maintaining strict access control by logging in and out all contractors and visitors
  • Monitoring inventory control, ensuring removal only of approved equipment and supplies
  • Fire watch
  • Contractor/visitor safety orientation


Why Sunstates Security

Sunstates Security is an industry leader with a distinguished approach to providing quality contract security personnel services.  Sunstates has performed security details for numerous construction clients spanning various projects, from short-term construction lasting only weeks to major projects spanning several years. Your site will be well cared for with our quality assurance program, advanced training courses, and management communication and interaction.  To learn more about our services please refer to our client reviews to see what makes us different from the rest. 


Construction Site Security Jobs

Are you looking for a great career in security?  Visit our website to view the numerous security job openings available across the county.  Sunstates has a fantastic benefits program, competitive pay, continued growth, and excellent career advancement opportunities. 


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