Faith-Based Organization Security


Faith-based organization security servies sunstates security company: security at faith based organizationsSunstates Security recognizes the complexities of providing security at faith-based organizations which often serve, not only as a place of worship but also incorporate education, ceremonies, fitness and day-care facilities into their structure. Operating in this unique space, it is essential for security professionals to understand your values and the importance of serving as a public ambassador to a diverse group of individuals.

Common threats to faith-based organizations include vandalism, burglary, violence and armed intruders.  Sunstates comprehends the unique safety challenges that religious organizations face in today’s world. Having the proper security at faith based organizations in place encourages everyone to feel more protected while deterring and helping prevent threats.

Professional Security Personnel

Churches and religious institutions should be able to focus on their mission, while we provide safety and confidence for people to gather, worship, celebrate and learn. By providing professional security personnel that are trained to identify potential hazards before they become incidents, visitors feel more comfortable while in attendance. Often, the mere physical presence of security personnel can discourage unwanted dangers. When that’s not enough, our security team will work with you to establish and implement action plans.

Unfortunately, security is not always a priority until something significant happens. Be proactive instead of reactive. Don’t let your organization be an easy target – utilize security and know the limits to your open-door policy.

Faith-Based Organization Security Services

Our security officers are carefully screened and go through a rigorous training program. Officers working at faith-based organizations can perform numerous functions to include:

  • Foot or vehicle patrols of site perimeter; foot patrols of building structures to serve as a deterrent to criminal activity, customer service ambassadors, and to identify potential safety hazards
  • Vulnerability Assessments
  • Education and Awareness Training
  • Emergency Action Plans
  • Concierge Services – a friendly face to provide information and assistance
  • Provide executive/VIP protection by offering trained/armed personnel escorts

Additionally, officers may carry out tasks including traffic direction/parking enforcement, issuing visitor badges, CCTV monitoring, access control, visitor escorts and temporary coverage for special events and ceremonies. 

On-Site Security Benefits

There are many benefits of having security personnel on-site at your faith-based organization.  Having a uniformed presence to provide escorts to vehicles in garages or parking lots late at night will be greatly appreciated by your guests and staff.  Furthermore, officers on-site can identify and mitigate risks before becoming major incidents.  Early detection of water leaks and equipment malfunction can save thousands on unwanted repairs.  Security staff additionally can assist with energy savings on-site by ensuring lights are off after hours.

One further value of security personnel at your faith-based site is being able to hand off the securing of the facility to the security contractor allowing the church staff to leave earlier.  In the absence of security officers, the staff would have to remain on site until all guests have left the facility which at times can be late into the night or early morning hours. 

Finally, having a security team on-site can lower insurance costs.

Sunstates Experience

With over 20 years of security service, Sunstates is an industry leader with a differentiated approach to providing quality contract security services to businesses of all sizes and scope, short and long-term projects.  Having performed numerous security details for faith-based clients, we have experience spanning from religious healthcare facilities to community churches.

To receive information on faith-based organization security services please contact our office via our website or by phone.