How Technology Can Enhance, not Eliminate, Human Security

In an era of economic crunch and shrinking budgets, companies nationwide are searching for efficiency wherever they can find it. Security systems and services are often the first corners to be cut, and companies replace on-site personnel with video cameras and other security automation.

But financial challenges can also spur innovative business practices, and savvy organizations can find many ways to reduce costs while still ensuring consistently high service for clients. Replacing human security staff with technology, however, is not necessarily the way to go. This common mistake can lead to unseen costs that are even higher than the original expense.

Sunstates Security has successfully employed a variety of technology practices to both enhance service and reduce costs.

Automated payroll
One of the greatest personnel challenges in the security industry is scheduling and payroll accuracy. If a company’s payroll system fails, employee morale tanks and client service suffers. Sunstates has adopted a fully integrated secure ‘cloud’ online portal management system custom-designed for our use in the security services industry that takes care of schedules, payroll, and recordkeeping. As a result, Sunstates consistently achieves 99.99% payroll accuracy.

Mobile technology
Another use of readily available technology is placing GPS units on patrol vehicles. An electronic zone can be created to alert supervisors or clients if a vehicle leaves the zone without authorization, or exceeds a certain speed. As a result, on-site accidents have been reduced by 50% in the three years the system has been in use. Officer locations can be monitored in real-time, and clients can be assured of compliance with contracts.

Electronic reports
Sunstates is also striving toward a completely computerized system for daily activity and incident reports. This means less paper, less manual labor in transferring documents, less storage space, and fewer general office supplies. Electronic records are easier and faster to search, and they can be easily shared with clients through Sunstates’ online portals. Currently, 50% of Sunstates’ reporting is electronic.

In addition to the tools above, Sunstates has several exciting initiatives planned for 2012.

Centralized quality assurance
In early 2012, Sunstates will roll out a centralized inspection and quality assurance process. All training records and human resource functions will be available online for our clients. Sunstates has been using an automated system since 2006, an investment that ultimately reduced costs and improved customer service.

Online learning
The Learning Management System (LMS) is another proprietary online portal that will allow officers and clients access to an exhaustive library of training programs. With more than 100 topics planned, ranging from blood-borne pathogens and other first-aid education to report writing and identifying suspicious activity, the LMS system provides qualified ongoing training for Sunstates’ officers, which, in turn, means better service for their clients.

Sunstates Security can help your organization streamline its security system through the adoption of technologies that improve customer service and cut costs at the same time. Contact us today to find out how.