Sunstates Security Officer of the Year 2021


The announcement of Security Officer of the Year is an exciting moment.  We’re lucky to have so many amazing people doing extraordinary things across the county.  For the Sunstates Security Officer of the Year 2021, we had 17 nominations with stories of leadership, innovation and heroism.  While they are all wonderful, hard-working employees, only one can receive the honor of being the Security Officer of the Year 2021.  Below we acknowledge the winner and runner-up from 2021. 


Security Officer of the Year:

Sunstates Security Officer of the Year 2021- Wilmington DE

Jacqueline Green- Wilmington, DE

Nominated by Operations Manager Francisco Cruz

Security Officer Jacqueline Green was nominated for her service and commitment.  Since being hired and assigned to a government building in Wilmington, Delaware, she has been a true asset. On May 30, 2020, rioters attempted to crash the doors during unsafe riots and breach the building while Jacqueline was on duty.  As the rioters poured in, she kept her cool, spoke with them, and deescalated the situation, even persuading them to leave the premises peacefully.  Until the police arrived, she kept the building secure.

Ms. Jacqueline Green received outstanding recognition and praise for tremendous heroism in staying calm in a very chaotic situation. Everyone at the site and Sunstates appreciates her.

 Officer Green was excited to accept her award for Officer of the Year and bonus check.  We’re proud to have her on the Sunstates team.   


Security Officer of the Year Runner-Up:

Sunstates Security Officer of the Year 2021- Houston TX

Stephan Chapa- Houston, TX

Nominated by Senior Regional Director Kalvin Spells

Corporal Stephan Chapa was filling in on ground patrol when an emergency call went out. A laborer working on the docks at a Texas port facility where Chapa was patrolling had passed out and was not responsive. Corporal Chapa quickly arrived on the scene and accessed the situation, determining that the individual was not breathing. Chapa immediately began CPR and continued until the Emergency Medical Technicians arrived via ambulance and controlled the situation.

Corporal Chapa remained calm and took the lead in this emergency. He did exactly what he was trained to do to save the life of another individual.

We’re thankful Corporal Chapa was on-site during this distressing time and knew precisely how to react.  Corporal Chapa accepted his award and bonus check with pride.


Sunstates Security Officers

Thank you to all the other officers nominated for Security Officer of the Year 2021 and for your effort day in and day out.  You certainly show what it means to be a leader and officer within our company.