Security Officer of the Year 2020

The Sunstates Security Officer of the Year award is always exciting to announce.  For 2020, we had 17 nominations from across the country.  While they are all terrific, hard-working employees, only one can receive the honor of being the Security Officer of the Year.  Below are the winner and runner-up from 2020.

Security Officer of the Year:

Security Officer of the Year 2020 Sunstates Security OfficerCharles Launderville, Patrol Sergeant: Southport, NC.

On Friday, October 25, 2019, at approximately 1640 hours, the main gate monitored a 911 medical call for an unconscious male. The male was riding a bicycle when he collapsed after having an apparent heart attack. The main gate dispatched a patrol to the location. Sgt. Chuck Launderville responded to the call and was on the scene in minutes. Upon arrival, a member of the Fire Department was on scene and was preparing to begin CPR. The male had no pulse and was not breathing at this time. Sgt. Launderville returned to his vehicle and retrieved the AED. Sgt. Launderville connected the AED, analyzed him, and it suggested shock. A shock was delivered, and CPR was resumed. After a series of CPR actions, Sgt. Launderville examined the patient once again with the AED, and a shock was suggested. A second shock was delivered to the patient, and CPR continued until the arrival of the EMS. Before transporting the patient to the hospital, he was breathing and had a pulse.

He was in a severe condition for the next several weeks, and his outcome was unclear. The security team stayed in constant contact with the family as to his progress, and after several weeks of care, he was able to return home. The patient requested to meet the officer that saved his life. It was a very emotional meeting, and they have stayed in contact to this day.

Officer of the Year Runner-Up:

Denver CO Security Officer Sunstates Security CompanySonia Miller, Security Officer:  Denver, CO.

On March 11, 2019, Sonia was at the end of her shift and her fellow officer was there to relieve her.  Returning from her final patrol, the other officer was acting a bit out of sorts.  After observing him, Sonia quickly identified the symptoms of a stroke.  She did not hesitate to contact 911, and due to her swift thinking, he was able to receive the necessary care.  It was later made known that the officer had experienced a severe stroke and would require extensive medical assistance.  Had Sonia not been as observant, she may have left the site without concern, but being the vigilant, exceptional officer she is, she was able to save the life of her fellow officer.


Both Sunstates officers received a plaque and a check for their incredible work.

Congrats and a big thanks to not only these officers, but to all our Security Officers.  Without your dedication and drive, we would not be the company we are today.

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