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Delivering Customized Security Services

Your security team does more than protect your people and facilities. They create the first impression employees and visitors have about your organization. Officers serve as your eyes and ears, covering every corner of your facility. That is why we’ve developed a customized model for delivering security. Our managers spend their days in the field, not in the office, visiting every client site several times per month. Our security officers are encouraged to educate and improve themselves constantly. 

Security Personnel

We provide security officer services to a diverse group of clients across a wide variety of operating environments. Our security personnel can perform numerous specialized functions that exceed the standard access control, observation and reporting. Our security officers are an extension of your team and can provide additional value to your security program through the performance of specialized tasks specific to your industry and facility. We have included descriptions for some of the most commonly performed specialty roles below, however options are virtually unlimited. Whatever your unique requirements, Sunstates has the people and resources to provide a solution.

Access Control

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Security officers learn the innermost details about your facility, people and processes so they can seamlessly control access and safety.


Facilities Support

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We design, implement and manage a customized plan to support both security and operations in your facility.

Emergency Health Services

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Our security officers are trained and certified in health and medical protocols, to recognize and assist in any circumstance.


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Security officers receive training and support tailored to your facility, employees and visitors to provide both security and an exceptional first impression.

Specialized Markets

Many facilities, from faith-based organizations to ports to petrochemical plants, have very specific and demanding security needs. Officers assigned to these different types of locations receive both specialized training for the industry and site-specific training customized to the client’s needs.


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We design and manage specialized programs to keep your staff, students and campus secure, ensuring compliance with all regulations including CLERY ACT requirements.


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We understand the economic impact of uninterrupted operations, both in the office and the field. We provide security in the most challenging environments so you can maintain continuity of services to your clients.


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We custom tailor a plan to support loss prevention, safety and security, protecting your employees, facilities and operations to maintain stability and flow.


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We protect against unauthorized access, espionage and contamination, as well as threats to your executives, staff, facilities, products and operations.

Property Management

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We protect your property by learning your employees, visitors, tenants and facilities, providing both security and a superior experience for every stakeholder.

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