Sunstates Employee Spotlight- Thomas Reid


Sunstates Employee Spotlight- Thomas Reid, Security Services Raleigh NCAt 8 pm on a Friday evening in May, Thomas Reid responded immediately to an incoming distress call from one of the client’s employees.  Located in the command center,  Thomas monitors the security of the client’s sites throughout North and South America.  The distress call came from Cali, Colombia, as violent protests ensued in the area.  Thomas responded to a poll reply from an associate who needed help sent to employees around the vicinity of aggressive activity and received a concerning one back.  Following protocol, he continued to communicate with the worried employee until they were connected to the Regional Security Manager.  The employee was safely extracted from any danger due to Thomas’s quick and thorough response.


About Analyst Thomas Reid


Thomas has been a Sunstates employee since 2016.  Prior to working on our team, he was in the Navy, a Charlotte Police Officer, and in private security for over 12 years.  When he is not monitoring global security conditions, Thomas is a Minister and performs missions and outreaches.  He recently received his Master of Divinity degree and cares for his teenage twins with his wife of twenty-two years.

With Thomas’s extensive background and years on the Sunstates team, he was well prepared for a situation of this manner. When asked about assisting the employee to safety, Thomas stated, “Give God the glory.  I could not have done it without his help.” Thomas was very humble during all conversations.  Account Manager Nathan Howell states, “He goes above and beyond every day, and we are proud to have him as a Sunstates employee.”   

The client awarded Thomas a bonus check for his diligence and commitment. 

Thank you, Thomas, for your years of service, and we are proud to have you on the Sunstates team.