Sunstates Veteran Salute

Recognizing and honoring our valued veteran security team members.

Meet Alan Southwell, Supervisor

Newburgh, NY


Veteran Salute- Alan Southwell Sunstates Security NYAlan Southwell joined the Sunstates team in December 2022 when Sunstates took over the contract at the site he has worked since 2006. Operating the parking garage post, Alan is the first point of contact at the client’s site for visitors and staff, and we’re thankful to have him as a part of our team. We are excited to feature Alan’s military achievements and life experiences in this Veteran Salute article.


Military Experience

Following in his brother’s footsteps, Alan joined the Navy and volunteered for the elite force that is the submariners. An RPPO, Alan was an electrician on a diesel submarine. Stationed in San Diego, he traveled to many South Pacific areas, including Japan, the Philippines and Taiwan. Additionally, he spent time in the Philadelphia Naval Yard, arriving there by traveling through the Panama Canal, which he stated was an “incredible experience.” Alan proudly received the prestigious dolphin insignia, and to congratulate him, the crew threw him overboard. Through social media, he is able to stay in touch with his shipmates.        


Sunstates Security

Since the large healthcare facility acquired the security services from Sunstates, Alan has enjoyed working with the team. He stated, “I like how hands-on the team is; you see the management team; they are here. They do not micromanage, but they are there when you need them. With other companies, you did not get that.”

Alan wants everyone who is considering joining a security career; to understand the site you’ll be working at, as duties differ from industry to industry.



Alan is a car guy, to be exact; he is a mustang guru. Additionally, he became a fan of the Green Bay Packers and the Boston Celtics thanks to his better half.


Alan, we appreciate all you do for your site and Sunstates. We look forward to your success with the company! Also, thank you for your dedication to your country and your years of service.


Sunstates partners with the ESGR and is actively hiring those who served. To apply to be a part of our team, visit our Careers page.