Recognizing and honoring our valued veteran security team members.


Meet Frank Stark, Security Officer

Dallas, TX


Sunstates Veteran Salute Frank StarkMilitary Experience

Frank started his military career with the Texas Army National Guard.  After serving with them for four years, he joined the US Army as a part of the 36th Infantry Division.  There, he was a member of the Army Security Agency team and learned a lot while working and traveling.  He spent some time in Germany while performing confidential missions dealing with radio communications.  In his off time, he got to travel throughout Europe and saw what he said were indescribable places and beautiful scenery. 


Sunstates Security

Frank has been a member of the Sunstates team since 2005!  He describes himself as a real people person and enjoys the teamwork and fellowship in his role.  He likes working for Sunstates because he says everyone is always willing to help from the local level up through the corporate office.  Frank has even has met President Glenn Burrell several times; he remembers Glenn telling him he would like to clone him.  That just goes to show how great of an employee Frank is!

Frank wanted to let anyone thinking of joining the Sunstates team know that you’d be working for wonderful people.  Right now, he says he has put in extra work due to labor shortages but acknowledges how the supervisors and management are right there to help.  He said, “They are there to talk through any problems.” And hopefully, with time, this national problem will resolve.       



Frank enjoys being outdoors when not hard at work.  He likes going to garage and estate sales.  Additionally, he enjoys traveling especially to visit his daughter in Florida, watching sports and going out to eat with his friends.  One of his favorite types of food is Mexican- we can agree with you there Frank!   


Frank, we appreciate all you do for your site and Sunstates.  We look forward to your continued success with the company!

Also, thank you for your dedication to your country and for all your years and future years of service.

Sunstates partners with the ESGR and is actively hiring those who served.  To apply to be a part of our team visit our Careers page.