How Technology Is Transforming the Security Industry

Technology continues to evolve at dizzying speed, but don’t expect drones and robots to replace security personnel any time soon. Some of these new How Technology Is Transforming the Security Industry Sunstates Security Companytechnologies, while exciting, remain impractical. Between 2008 and 2010, many security departments were cut to reduce costs, and their budgets were never restored. Consequently, most security directors have neither the resources nor the desire to overhaul their departments with the latest technological innovations.

That said, many companies are supplementing their existing security programs with technology. More clients ask us to find ways to provide smarter security by pairing technology with personnel. In many cases, the result is a reduction in manned hours and an increase in the skills required by the remaining team.

Sometimes the analysis identifies situations where a human touch is preferred. Tenants and clients often appreciate having a friendly security officer opens the door and watch over them after hours. Technology excels at providing coverage, not comfort.

Not an Either-Or Scenario

Security rarely comes down to choosing technology over personnel, or vice versa. At Sunstates we continually evaluate new tools to help us better protect clients, and we adapt our offerings accordingly.

As a result, our organization is unrecognizable from a technological perspective, compared to 10 years ago. Many of our officers use smartphones in their daily duties: performing patrols, scanning checkpoints, recording shift details, and reporting incidents. Our paperless hiring process ensures that prospective employees have the necessary computer skills to succeed at Sunstates, from completing training modules in our Learning Management System to using the modern tools of the trade.

By embracing technology and encouraging employees to do the same, we’ve empowered our personnel and created new opportunities for them. Our employees can confirm their schedules and their paychecks online, download benefits documentation, and complete professional development courses. We’ve seen a marked improvement in the capabilities of our security officers in the past decade—a trend that benefits employees and clients.

An Effective Partnership

A New Jersey client reported missing bronze bearings to the on-duty security supervisor. The client provided a description of the missing items, their location, and a suspected time frame for the theft. The supervisor reviewed security footage for the relevant period and immediately identified the responsible individual, who was subsequently terminated. Per policy, the officer searched the employee’s car before his departure and discovered a scrap yard receipt, which was dated several weeks earlier than the discovered theft. Over the next several days, the supervisor reviewed six weeks of security footage and uncovered 12 additional thefts of bronze metals. He identified the items taken during each incident, the exact time and date of each loss, and the thief’s methodology. He also interviewed client employees regarding the accountability of materials and procedures for using and accounting for items.

This effective combination of the security technology industry and skilled personnel helped the client recover more than $30,000 in stolen materials while providing valuable recommendations for preventing future thefts and loss.  Like so many other industries, technology is transforming security not by replacing personnel with cameras or robots, but by helping humans to work more efficiently and effectively.

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