Educational Campus Security Services


Educational Campus Security ServicesSafety and security in educational environments is a topic of ongoing concern. Who is responsible, what measures are needed, and how can campus security be improved? Sunstates Security provides educational campus security services at schools and universities across the nation.  We design customized security solutions to meet the widely varying challenges of primary and higher education institutions in rural, suburban and urban environments.


Why Have a Plan?

Sunstates understands the vulnerabilities that students, faculty, and visitors face in an open school or campus setting and the inherent need to ensure a safe learning environment for everyone involved.

An article by ASIS discusses explicitly the potential for random acts of aggression by disgruntled individuals in this environment, pointing out that, “We give these threats little thought until the unthinkable is broadcast on national news and then we scramble to ensure our faculty and students are not exposed to such a threat.”  Having a proactive strategy and a highly visible security presence can serve as a deterrent to student aggression, bullying, and criminal activity while providing a framework for effective and immediate response if it should occur. As well as serving as a criminal deterrent, security staff can play an essential role in identifying potentially threatening health and safety issues and intervening before they can escalate.


Educational Campus Security Services

Whether we are working in tandem with campus police or providing a stand-alone program, Sunstates customizes our approach to meet the unique requirements in each learning environment we serve.  A recent article from the Business Journal highlights the transition many school safety programs are taking to the utilization of “non-sworn personnel for routine services not requiring a uniformed officer.” If your educational campus is interested in updating or changing your security program, contact Sunstates to discuss your needs and learn about our Clery Act compliant solutions to include:

  • Access control                                 
  • Vehicle/foot patrol                       
  • Thermal scanning                           
  • SOC Monitoring                           
  • Traffic control
  • EHS support
  • Facilities support
  • Special event coverage
  • Shuttle van services
  • Dormitory checks
  • Student escorts


The Sunstates Difference

Our approach is what sets us apart from other competitors.  Our employee and management engagement far exceeds that of our competitors.  The same is to be said regarding our training and quality assurance checks.  Our continued organic growth is grounded in our Honesty, Integrity and Trust principles and supported by best business practices exceeding industry standards. 


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