Sunstates Security Officer Of The Year 2022


The announcement of Security Officer of the Year is an exciting moment.  We’re lucky to have so many amazing people doing extraordinary things across the county.  For the Sunstates Security Officer of the Year 2022, we had 18 nominations with stories of leadership, innovation and bravery.  They are all amazing, hard-working team members; however, only one can receive the honor of being the 2022 Security Officer of the Year for their actions last year.  Below we acknowledge the winner and runner-up.


Security Officer of the Year 2022:

Sunstates Security Officer Of The Year 2022- Rahman Grimes Sunstates Security

Rahman Grimes, Savannah Region

Nominated by: Roy Davis, Operations Manager

Officer Rahman Grimes displays a commitment to our clients by leading by example every day.  It is reflected in how he communicates effectively with his team as well as with our clients, customers, and guests.  Communication is the key to this success; the client’s staff must agree, as they have recognized Officer Grimes for going above and beyond time after time.  Clients, customers, and guests at the site where he is assigned know him as an achiever in the constant pursuit of excellence.

Officer Grimes has also risen to the call of duty in emergencies.  He recently was recognized with a Heroism Achievement Award from Sunstates and the City of Savannah for his heroic efforts in assisting a law enforcement officer attempting to detain a suspect when another suspect approached and tried to assault the law enforcement officer. Officer Grimes immediately stepped in assisting in detaining the second suspect until additional law enforcement officers arrived to aid with the situation. Officer Grimes’s quick thinking and actions helped elevate a very stressful and potentially dangerous incident from escalating to what could have been a life-threatening situation.  Officer Grimes epitomizes the Sunstates core values of Honesty, Integrity, and Trust every day through consistently excellent service.



Security Officer of the Year Runner-Up:

Amber Swanson- Sunstates Security Officer of the Year 2022

Amber Swanson, Orlando Region

Nominated by: Travis Miller, Regional Manager

Amber has been a valued member of the Sunstates Orlando security team since January 2020.   She is nominated for her excellent performance during an attempted vehicle theft in a parking garage. 

In the downtown Orlando market, there are several buildings where Sunstates provides service for the client.  Over the course of a month, starting in late March 2021, there was a rash of thefts in the garage with one particular individual who was caught on camera after the fact.  So all Sunstates officers and shifts were put on alert to watch the lobby desk cameras and try and locate this individual since we had a physical description.

On the weekend of April 4th, while stationed at the building lobby security desk, Amber spots an individual in the garage testing vehicle doors to try and find one open and immediately recognizes him from the BOLO and contacts Orlando Police Department.  She then followed the individual on foot while maintaining telephone communication with OPD dispatch, who was communicating with Officers in the area.  Her efforts led to his arrest that very same afternoon.  OPD was very impressed as was our client, who wanted her to be recognized.

This is precisely how a situation like this should have gone. In fact, Amber went above and beyond in this case by following the individual instead of just calling the incident in and staying at the desk.


Thank you to all the other officers nominated for Security Officer of the Year 2022 and for your effort day in and day out.  You indeed show what it means to be a leader and officer within our company.