Sunstates Security Supervisor Of The Year 2022


Sunstates is thrilled to announce the Supervisor of the Year award for 2022.   We had 18 extraordinary nominations from across the country, and picking the winner isn’t an easy task.  All the supervisors nominated are knowledgeable, reliable employees who go above and beyond daily; however, only one can receive the honor of being the Supervisor of the Year.  Below is the winner and runner-up from 2022 for their efforts in 2021.


Sunstates Security Supervisor of the Year 2022

Sunstates Security Supervisor Of The Year 2022- Sonny Schrieber

Sonny Schrieber, Atlanta Region

Nominated By: Jim Bernier, Regional Director

Sonny presents a clear understanding of the policies and procedures of Sunstates Security at his site, accompanied by a balanced manner of leadership and management.  The environment he has created through his administration has been outstanding as he has had nearly zero turnovers over the past year.

The site is armed, and Sonny has built this team to respond with excellent customer service, great discipline and the positive attitude needed to create success.  In my encounters with the client, they have used words such as complete trust, positive influence and down to earth.  Sonny has developed and is currently developing future leaders to prepare for the future.  His teaching and guidance were demonstrated when an officer under his charge viewed and recovered two handguns (loaded with ammunition) back to back within a 15-minute time frame of each other.  In speaking with the officer who achieved this task, credit was given to leadership and the supervisory team that Sonny has established.  

Sonny’s efficiency is also extensively displayed when taking corrective action.  This site conducts multiple controlled penetration tests, and the client grades the team.  While the overall grade administered has been rated highly effective, issues have been corrected and completed per their standard and immediately addressed.

His tireless leadership is what makes Sunstates Security the success that they are today.  We look forward to what the future may hold for Sonny within the Sunstates Security team.


Sunstates Security Supervisor of the Year 2022- Runner-Up

Sunstates Security Supervisor Of The Year 2022 Randy Bowers- Cropped

Randy Bowers, Nashville Region

Nominated By: Vinny Gaetano, Regional Manager

Site Supervisor Randy Bowers has been with Sunstates Security since August 2016 at the same location and has built an outstanding relationship with his client.  Randy has played a crucial role in the day-to-day operations of the building and has done so through his continued professionalism and attention to detail.  Through the midst of the 2021 year, Randy was the only site supervisor to come remotely close to keeping his site over time down to the 2.0% expectations.  For 2021 as a whole, Randy’s site overtime was 2.1% overall, which, through everyone’s hiring struggles, is an achievement in and of itself.  Randy also assisted his client with an access control issue that ultimately led to an emergency ticket having to be put in to immediately fix the problem.  Below is a statement from our client regarding Randy’s actions in solving this issue.

“I wanted to take a moment to recognize Randy for his hard work this week in assisting us during our access control issues.  Randy called me first thing Monday morning when he noticed the doors did not unlock on schedule.  As I was out of town and without my laptop, I was unable to log into the system.  Due to the great amount of trust, we have in Randy, I asked him to walk up to our office so that I could talk him through logging into our end of the system and providing him with the password.  Again, I could only share this information because of the trust we have in Randy and his reliability.  Since the system schedules were intact, we could see right away that there was a bigger issue at hand.  I called our access control provider to place an emergency call and told them that Randy would be their onsite point of contact until our office was open.”

Congratulations to both gentlemen on your accomplishments.  We are grateful to have you as part of the Sunstates team!


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