Petrochemical Security Services

Sunstates Security has customized solutions designed to meet the security requirements of critical infrastructure clients. Sunstates Security is widely recognized as a premier security provider delivering security services to unique markets since 1998.  With extensive experience and an exceptional safety record, we are a company you can trust.  Providing highly screened and trained officers supported by an unparalleled quality assurance program, Sunstates Security delivers unsurpassed petrochemical security services.

Petrochemical’s Unique Environment

Petrochemical Security Services Sunstates Security

Unlike many businesses that require security services, critical infrastructure such as refineries and petrochemical plants pose unique challenges. Threats to the environment, neighboring populations, and site employees’ lives and health contribute to this high-risk environment.  An accidental or intentional incident at a plant or refinery could incur crippling costs, and worse, untold lives lost. Due to the nature of the work performed and importance to the economy, these facilities are also high-value targets for terrorism acts.

Petrochemical Security Services

Understanding the growing threat potential, the United States government is dramatically raising the bar on regulations governing critical infrastructures such as ports, petrochemical plants and the energy sector.  Sunstates Security is continuously adopting and implementing new protocols in accordance with evolving regulatory requirements such as  Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards (CFATS) and the Maritime Transportation Security Act (MTSA). To this end, we are able to meet unique client requirements, such as:

  • Specialized security positions
  • Specialized training requirements
  • Staffing ramp-ups for maintenance turnaround events
  • Customized protocols and procedures for individualize client needs

Why Sunstates Security?

Sunstates is highly qualified to provide customized security solutions to critical infrastructure clients, including petrochemical sites.  Our security officers are carefully screened and go through a rigorous training program emphasizing safety, access control, incident response, and compliance with applicable regulations. Specialized training may include compliance with NERC-CIP, CFATS, and other regulatory requirements. We stay current with OSHA, American Chemical Council, and other regulatory agency guidelines to ensure not just satisfactory, but exemplary industry compliance.

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