Retail Security Services


Retail Security Services Sunstates Security CompanyAll retailers want their customers to have an enjoyable shopping experience while at their store; if not, it will discourage that consumer from returning.  Security personnel on-site will make visitors and store employees feel more at ease by deterring theft, handling a hazardous situation and delivering a watchful eye.  Retail security services can entail an officer on foot, in a patrol car, or a combination of the two.       


Loss Prevention

SecurityMagazine states, “The mere presence of a security guard is designed to disincentivize any potential criminal from committing a crime. If a would-be criminal enters a store and sees an officer on-site, they may think twice about the crime.” Security personnel are highly trained in situational awareness practices.  They can verbally engage in a situation and try to deescalate it, yet they are there to observe and report if that is unsuccessful.      


Customer Service

Having physical security officers on the location provides a friendly face and presence to assist tenants’ and visitors’ safety. This includes reuniting lost children with their caregivers, managing lost and found items and even helping during a medical emergency. In addition, security officers create a welcoming environment to make shoppers want to return over and over.


Retail Security Services

There are plenty of options when it comes to having security personnel at your site.  Sunstates offers officers patrolling on foot, on bikes, in golf carts and more. In addition, we have patrol vehicles that can monitor the exterior of the center and keep an eye on parked cars and those pedestrians traveling through the parking lot.  The number of on-site officers can increase/decrease, reflecting your busy hours.


Retail Security Services Training

All Sunstates officers go through vigorous, compelling training courses.  Additionally, officers working in the retail security services will have site-specific training to complete. However, our training does not stop there; it continues throughout their career with Sunstates.  The Sunstates Academy is consistently adding courses, both voluntary and mandatory ones.   



Contact Sunstates Security

If your shopping center requires retail security services, be sure to contact Sunstates Security.  We are a proud WBE certified Woman-Owned Business with organic growth year over year.  Managers will visit your accounts several times per month. Not just at start-up but throughout the life of the contract, our management team will be a real, physical presence on-site.