Retaining Skilled Employees

It’s About More Than Money


Retaining Skilled Employees It’s About More Than MoneyThe media is filled with stories about quiet quitters: employees that work just hard enough to keep their jobs and no more. This trend follows a wave of what was termed the Great Resignation, where employees left jobs for better opportunities in unprecedented numbers.

It would be easy to assume the reason is money. But it turns out that the factors that keep employees loyal, engaged and productive—or lead to work slowdowns and job switching—are much more experience-driven.


Offer the Right Wages and More

Attracting and retaining high-quality security officers means paying them as the professionals they are. Offer the wrong wage, and you’ll get the wrong officers.

But, beyond a certain point, paying more doesn’t mean better officers. And wages that are too high cause another issue. The key is to offer the correct wages to attract quality employees and non-monetary benefits that officers value.


Relationships Matter

The relationship between the client and security firm and between a security firm and its employees is critical.

For clients, treating a security firm like a valued partner rather than a vendor makes a significant difference in the service quality.

Working together as partners means solving issues together. Partners have shared goals. They capitalize on opportunities. They look for ways to improve. They share mutual respect. They go above and beyond.

On the employee side, employees want to know they’re valued and their opinions matter. When security officers make suggestions, spot issues, or go above and beyond and are recognized and rewarded, their morale soars. Treat people as if they’re important and trusted, and they’ll act accordingly. Treat them like a cog in a machine that can be easily replaced, and they’ll act accordingly as well.

When asked why they left a job, employees often won’t cite salary but their working conditions. Their manager was toxic. No one listened to their opinions and ideas. The organization didn’t seem to care about them, so they didn’t care about the organization.

What does it look like when a company doesn’t care? Employees working a whole year before getting a review sends a message. When a company isn’t interested in an employee’s goals, that sends a message. On the flip side, when a company offers industry-leading benefits and encourages employees to take time off to attend a child’s soccer game or another significant event, that also sends a message.

Relationships matter.


Opportunities Matter, Too

What keeps employees motivated, engaged and loyal beyond salary? Besides the way their employer treats them, one word sums it up: opportunity.

Can they learn and grow? Is there room for career advancement? Does their employer offer education and training beyond the basics? Does their employer promote from within?

All these factors tie back to an employee’s relationship with the employer. Again, employees get the message loud and clear that they’re valued.

That’s why Sunstates Security provides a wide variety of training and certification opportunities to security officers who want to learn and advance in their careers. We publicly reward longevity. Many managers began as frontline officers.

Because that matters, too.

Remember that wages, benefits, training, education, opportunities, and recognition are tools to recruit and retain the caliber of security officers that most organizations want to protect their facilities and people. In short, doing the right thing for business partners and employees is good business.


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