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Recognizing and honoring our valued veteran security team members.


Meet Alberto Colon, Site Supervisor


Since joining the Sunstates team in April 2018, Alberto has been a valuable resource to our company.  His ten years in the military formed his meticulous work ethic and dedication that he brings to his site every day.  We are excited to highlight Alberto’s accomplishments, background and more in this article.


Sunstates Veteran Salute Alberto ColonMilitary Experience

Alberto was a member of the US Army for ten years as an Infantryman. During these years, he served as a Gunner, Heavy Weapons Team Leader and Heavy Weapons Squad leader. He also served as Squad Leader in a Light Infantry Platoon. Defending our country against threats on the ground and aiding in operations with coalition forces.

While serving with the 101st Airborne Division (AA) 1-502nd 2nd Brigade Combat Team (BCT); he served in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) and Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF).     

Sunstates Security

After working for a few other security companies in the Nashville area, Alberto has been an asset for the Sunstates team for over three years.  He says he enjoys being at Sunstates because of their professionalism and management engagement.  Alberto stated, “management meets with you face to face.  I’ve never worked for a company where they did that.”  Along with the management team engaging with the employees, he acknowledges they really do listen.  His military experience has suited him well for the role, and he even replied he sees many similarities, especially when it comes to the SOPs.  

Regional Manager Vinny Gaetano states, “Al is an outstanding supervisor and a true support to our team.  I enjoy working with him, and I trust him to get the job done right.”  


Alberto is a big family man.  He is thankful every day for his amazing wife, April, and 2 sons. Ayden who just started working at a new site with Sunstates and Brandon who is currently serving in the 101st Airborne Division just like his father.

He is a proud grandparent and is excited for the next grandchild that is on the way! In addition, Alberto is a huge dog lover- and we can’t blame him for that.   


Alberto, we appreciate all you do for your site and Sunstates.  We look forward to your continued success with the company!

Also, thank you for your dedication to your country and all your years of service.

Sunstates partners with the ESGR and is actively hiring those who served.  To apply to be a part of our team visit our Careers page.

Alberto Colon- Sunstates Veteran Salute

Alberto’s Son Brandon


Colon's Pups- Sunstates Security Company

Alberto’s Dogs