ASIS Ralph Day Award 2021

Officer Jacqueline Green


ASIS Ralph Day Award 2021 Officer Jacqueline GreenSunstates Security is excited to announce Officer Jacqueline Green of the Mid-Atlantic region has been selected as the 2021 recipient of the prestigious ASIS Ralph Day Award. This is a great honor for Ms. Green and she is excited and very appreciative of the recognition. During the Sunstates Annual Leadership Conference, she was awarded Sunstates’ Officer of the Year for her heroic efforts during the riots in Wilmington, DE last spring. Following that, Sunstates nominated her for the Ralph Day Award 2021.  Receiving the Ralph Day Award is an exceptional achievement and reflects Officer Green’s commitment to her role as a security professional.


ASIS Ralph Day Award 

Each year, the ASIS Security Services Community (SSC) recognizes one security officer for outstanding service/acts in the security profession through the Ralph Day Security Officer Heroism Award. This award is meant for those who perform a heroic act involving circumstances where a private security officer risks their lives to save another person. The award nominee must be an employee of a contract security company employed as a security officer. Trackforce Valiant, Inc, generously sponsors this award.


Officer Jacqueline Green

ASIS Ralph Day Award 2021 Winner- Officer Green, New Castle, DEOn May 30, 2020, Officer Green effectively protected the people and assets of the government building to which she is assigned in Wilmington, DE, from a large and potentially destructive civil unrest disturbance occurring in the downtown area. The occurrence happened in the framework of escalated national tension and protesting, which had already resulted in violence and rioting on numerous occasions.  A group of rioters targeted the facility to which Officer Green was assigned and attempted to crash through the facility doors. As the crowd burst in, she stayed calm and spoke directly with the rioters, not only de-escalating the situation but also persuading the group to leave peacefully. As a result of Officer Green’s immediate response and communications capabilities, no building damage or human injury resulted from this incident. She stayed on post securing the building until the police arrived. 

Officer Green received outstanding recognition and praise from Sunstates Security and our client for tremendous heroism in staying calm in a very chaotic situation.  Ms. Green is proud of her role as a security officer and is not only committed to performing her job duties to the utmost of her ability but also to represent the client and Sunstates Security with integrity and professionalism. As a security officer, she treats everyone equally, with dignity, respect, and empathy,  even when dealing with difficult personalities. She consistently displays professionalism in appearance and demeanor in the performance of her day-to-day functions and delivers a high level of customer service in a public-facing role.

Ms. Green has 20+ years of experience as a security professional working with a variety of organizations and has been consistently recognized for her outstanding performance throughout her career. She is humble, brave, committed, and a true asset to all organizations that she represents.

Sunstates COO Denis Kelly states, “We are thrilled to have people like Officer Green on the Sunstates Team.  Her ability to remain calm and controlled during this very challenging situation as the events unfolded was simply outstanding and resulted in a peaceful resolution.  This is the way Officer Green handles herself each and every day for us, and for that, we are extremely grateful.” 


ASIS Ralph Day Award Winner- Officer Green, New Castle, DE

Thank You

 Without a group supporting this award, it would not be possible.  Thank you to the ASIS team for offering and promoting this award.  A big thank you, Trackforce Valient, for sponsoring the award and providing the monetary bonus to the recipient.  And finally, a big thank you to all the security officers!  You are the face of your companies and keep operations moving daily.  Keep up the great work, and congratulations to all that were nominated.