Recognizing and honoring our valued veteran security team members.

Meet Avis Williams, Assistant Site Supervisor

Washington, D.C


 Sunstates Veteran Salute Avis WilliamsSince joining the Sunstates team in 2020, Avis has continually proved to be an asset to our company and was even promoted recently.  Her ten years in the military have established the diligent work ethic and commitment brought to her site every day.  We are excited to highlight Avis’s accomplishments, background, and words of wisdom in this article.



Avis spent ten years as a member of the US Army.  First stationed at Fort McClellan in Alabama, Avis worked at bases all over the country and was also stationed in different countries around the world.  Her favorite country she was placed was Korea, where she spent a year and a half.  She loved how it was very different from home.  She held multiple positions over her ten years including Medical Supply Specialist and Administrative Specialist.  Overall, Avis appreciated her military career in the Army, she stated, “there were some bad times and good days, but overall, I enjoyed the experience.”


Sunstates Security

Avis joined the Sunstates team in 2020 when the site was acquired by them, but she has been working at the site for six years now.  This is a busy site in the big city of Washington D.C.  She really likes the people and likes what she does.  Avis when promoted to her current role took on more responsibilities including supervising a team and ensuring they have everything needed to be successful.

Through these tough times of Covid and hiring shortages, Avis stated, “you just need to take it one day at a time.”



Avis has two grown sons. When not working she can be found having some quiet time.  She might be deep into a book or watching a crime tv show such as NCIS or CSI.

Avis, we appreciate all you do for your site and for Sunstates.  We look forward to your continued success with the company!


Also, thank you for your dedication to your country and for all your years of service.

Sunstates partners with the ESGR and is actively hiring those who served.  To apply to be a part of our team visit our Careers page.