Recognizing and honoring our valued veteran security team members.


Meet Caidon Selle, Security Officer

Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Since joining the Sunstates team in April 2021, Caidon has been a great resource at his site.  He is always going above and beyond to ensure duties are met above the standards.  We are excited to highlight Caidon’s accomplishments, background and more in this article.


Caidon Selle Sunstates Veteran SaluteMilitary Experience

Caidon has been in the SDARNG for just over four years now.  As a member of the National Guard, he has been all over the country- Washington, Texas and South Carolina, to name a few places. He stated, “My job in the Army is to work with forms of communications devices. I still have four years left on my contract, and if I were to re-enlist, I think I’d like to become a combat medic.” 


Sunstates Security

Caidon works in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.  He joined the team in April of 2021.  When asked why he enjoys working for Sunstates Security, he stated, “I like the camaraderie of the job. Mostly everybody is very nice and supportive of each other.”

Caidon would tell anyone considering joining the Sunstates team that we offer good, flexible hours with decent pay.  He enjoys working at his site and hopes any and all newcomers do as well.



When not hard at work, Caidon enjoys playing video games and working with wood. “I love building tables and chairs.” Additionally, he recently became a firearms enthusiast and has been dedicating more time to learning about the firearms industry as a whole. 


Caidon, we appreciate all you do for your site and Sunstates.  We look forward to your continued success with the company!

Also, thank you for your dedication to your country and for all your years and future years of service.

Sunstates partners with the ESGR and is actively hiring those who served.  To apply to be a part of our team visit our Careers page.