Sunstates Welcomes Chrissy Glenn

as Training Coordinator


Sunstates Welcomes Christine Glenn Training CoordinatorChrissy Glenn joins the Sunstates Training team with eight years of knowledge and experience in the field.  Her extensive background supplied her with many talents including, strong attention to detail, excellent writing and communication skills, training courses proficiency and more.  The Training Coordinator is a fitting role for Chrissy and we’re excited to have her managing the Sunstates Academy.  


Chrissy’s Background

Chrissy’s previous employment was with the City/County of Bureau of Identification (CCBI).  She served as a Crime Scene Agent from April 2017 until transitioning to Sunstates.  Her duties included investigating crime scenes located in or initiated within Wake County. She would identify, gather and maintain physical evidence, process and test evidence in a laboratory setting, prepare detailed written reports and testify in court.  The four years before starting that role, Chrissy was a Property Crimes Technician and an Identification Technician.  During her time at the CCBI, she completed countless training courses, maintained numerous professional memberships and received many certifications. 


Chrissy’s Role at Sunstates

The Sunstates Training Coordinator is responsible for managing the Sunstates Academy learning management system.  Chrissy will develop courses, generate reports on KPI metrics, performance and other analytics, and assist in developing annual training requirements.  Additionally, she’ll evaluate the program’s effectiveness but conducting surveys and assessments.  Furthermore, Chrissy will monitor employee feedback, troubleshoot issues and submit reports to the necessary team members.



Chrissy graduated Cum Laude from North Carolina State University with a degree in Criminology and a Forensic Science minor.  Some of her certifications include Field Training Officer, Forensic Training, Certified Crime Scene Investigator, Courtroom Testimony and more.