ASIS Ralph Day Award 2022

Officer Rahman Grimes, Savannah GA


ASIS Ralph Day Award 2022- Ralph Day Security Officer Heroism Award 2022 Officer Grimes Sunstates SecuritySunstates Security is thrilled to announce Officer Rahman Grimes of the Savannah region has been selected as an honorable mention for ASIS’s prestigious Ralph Day Award. During the Sunstates Annual Leadership Conference, he was recognized as Sunstates’ Officer of the Year for his heroic efforts during an incident involving a police officer. As a result, Sunstates nominated him for the Ralph Day Award 2022. Receiving an honorable mention for the Ralph Day Award is a remarkable achievement and a great way to honor officers who perform extraordinarily daily.  


ASIS Ralph Day Award 2022

Each year, the ASIS Security Services Community (SSC) recognizes one security officer for outstanding service/acts in the security profession through the Ralph Day Security Officer Heroism Award. This award is meant for those who perform a heroic act involving circumstances where a private security officer risks their life to save another person. The award nominee must be an employee of a contract security company employed as a security officer. Team Software and Brownyard MacLean Specialty Insurance Services/Markel generously sponsored this award.


Officer Rahman Grimes

On October 22nd, 2021, Officer Rahman Grimes was on patrol when he witnessed a Savannah Police Officer attempting to detain a suspect. During the officer’s attempt to secure the suspect in handcuffs, a second suspect approached and began to assault the Law Enforcement Officer. Officer Grimes immediately stepped in, assisting detain the second suspect and getting the Law Enforcement Officer to safety until additional officers arrived on the scene to provide support. Officer Grimes’s quick thinking and swift actions halted a very stressful and potentially dangerous incident from escalating to a life-threatening situation. Officer Grimes was recognized for his efforts with a Heroism Achievement Award from Sunstates and the City of Savannah.

Officer Rahman Grimes has been a member of the Sunstates Security team since July 2018. When hired, he brought over 12 years of law enforcement experience. Starting as a Correctional Officer through his hard work and dedication, Rahman moved up to Patrol Officer, then Sergeant to Detective within the same police department. Gaining more responsibilities and duties, his commitment was profound. Officer Grimes held other titles and continued to prove his dedication to serving and keeping his community safe as a Police Officer and then Captain of the Police. It is evident in everything Officer Grimes does that he is passionate about what he does and will continue to perform his duties to the best of his abilities. Additionally, he is a certified general instructor through the Department of Defense and will share his knowledge and experiences with those beginning their career in the field.     



Congratulations to Officer Christopher Deslands of Atlas on also receiving an honorable mention and to the recipient of the Ralph Day Memorial Security Officer Heroism Award, Aaron Wallace Salter Jr. of Allied, who is no longer with us. May you rest in peace, and thank you for your years of service.    


Thank You

Without a group supporting this award, it would not be possible. Thank you to the ASIS team for offering and promoting this award and to the sponsors as well. 

And finally, a big thank you to all the security officers! You are the face of your companies and keep operations moving daily. Keep up the great work, and congratulations to all that were nominated.  


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