Justin Reaves

Sunstates Security Regional Manager

Justin Reaves- Regional Manager Kansas Nebraska Sunstates Security Services

Justin joined the Sunstates Security management team in 2020 with over 18 years of management and leadership experience in the contract security industry. He began his career in the US Marine Corps and transitioned to the private security sector initially as a security officer. His strong organizational skills, work ethic, and focus were quickly recognized, and Justin rose through the ranks to hold several high-level security management and consulting positions.

He worked with a wide range of government and critical infrastructure, including the Department of Homeland Security and other Federal Agencies, Pharmaceutical, Aerospace, and Financial sector clients. Before joining Sunstates, Justin served as Physical Security Manager for a national financial institution at a primary data center complex overseeing a team of 45 proprietary and contract staff and serving as the National Critical Infrastructure Response Manager. In addition to effectively managing people, schedules, and budgets, Justin is highly proficient in risk assessment and analysis, compliance audits, project management, and creating and implementing standardized documentation.

Justin obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Security Management and Business Quality Management as well as a Master’s degree in Security Administration.

In his current role as Regional Manager for Sunstates Security, Justin manages key client accounts in the Kansas, Nebraska, and South Dakota markets and is responsible for oversight of all operations, ensuring customer satisfaction and meeting budgetary goals.

Justin has specialized training in the fields of:

  • Emergency Response
  • Security/Safety Auditing
  • Labor Disputes
  • Hazardous Materials

Additionally, maintains regulatory compliance with:

  • the Department of Transportation
  • OSHA
  • USDA 
  • FEMA

Furthermore, Justin is a Weapons Handling and Marksmanship Instructor, a Chemical Warfare Specialist, and a Non-Lethal and Lethal Techniques Instructor. His wide variety of hands-on security, educational, and investigative experience provides him with a unique perspective and skill set that make him a valuable asset to the Sunstates team.