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What do safety and security mean to you? Does it mean highly trained eyes and ears keeping watch over your facility? Does it mean your staff and visitors feel safe and secure? Is it the ability to operate without distractions or interruptions? Or perhaps a combination of all the above? We customize a plan to exceed your vision of safety and security. We train our security officers to understand your people, processes and facility. Then, we provide daily communications and continuous management oversight to ensure you receive the highest quality security program possible.

Security Personnel Services


Sunstates can help clients reduce overhead costs by providing security officers to perform administrative functions that would otherwise require additional in-house employees. We will provide professional officers who will seamlessly integrate into your staff and will be trained to your specifications. Security staff can fulfill several administrative roles to include lobby receptionist, concierge, console operator, badging administrator and mailroom operator, as well as performing other day-to-day tasks required to keep your business operating smoothly.

Access Control

Security officers learn the innermost details about your facility, people and processes so they can seamlessly control access and safety.  Officers with responsibilities for badging operations create and manage the process to maintain up-to-date permissions.  Access control is monitored through badging, personal interaction with employees and visitors, monitoring cameras and systems and patrolling.  Officers are trained to detect, deter, observe and report to maintain the safety and security of the people and property they protect.

EHS Support

Sunstates can provide officers who are certified EMTs or who have specialized training to respond to medical emergencies. During a medical emergency, they will react immediately, assessing the scene, calling 911, and setting up a team to meet first responders. These trained officers will monitor the victim until paramedics arrive and provide a briefing. Should medical care be necessary prior to the first responders arrival, these officers have the training to provide interim care such as CPR/AED,  first aid or other life-saving measures. In addition to medical education, EHS support officers receive training in emergency response protocol, de-escalation tactics, and more.

Facilities Support

Our security officers serve as an extension of your property management and building systems support team to ensure the safety and security of your facility and operations. Console officers monitor CCTV, life safety alarms, HVAC, elevators and other critical operating systems while reporting to facility engineers any issues. Lobby officers can add value by coordinating other service providers such as maintenance, janitorial and landscaping, as well as serving as a security receptionist or badging specialist.  Sunstates can work with you to develop facility-specific emergency response plans and training for not only security staff, but for your management team and building tenants as well.


Global Security Operations Center officers are responsible for answering routine and emergency calls, monitoring cameras and alarms, operating access control technology, identifying, analyzing and supporting all incidents both domestic and international.  Operators are trained on how to respond to non-crisis incidents as well as lifesaving incidents (medical, safety, natural disasters, etc.) and dispatch emergency and non-emergency personnel as necessary.  They evaluate global incidents that may impact client employees, travel, or offices and escalate accordingly.

Reception and Concierge Functions

These front-line security officers are selected for their professionalism and customer service skills.  They are trained to serve as the face of your company. Lobby functions may involve greeting and/or escorting visitors, answering phones, providing directions and information, administering badges and performing access control functions. These individuals present a positive impression of your facility to everyone who comes onto your site. They will serve in a customer-facing role, interacting directly with management, employees and visitors, while firmly and politely ensuring that safety and security protocols are not violated.

Shipping and Receiving Services

Our security officers can work in conjunction with your team to manage shipping and receiving services. Officers can take delivery of shipments from outside service delivery companies, deliver mail to building occupants, and handle outgoing mail and packages. Officers serving as Dock Masters can also take delivery of freight coming in from outside suppliers, documenting activities and ensuring the accuracy and integrity of every shipment. Officers will have specialized training regarding mandated facility protocols, chain of custody procedures and identification of suspicious packages, as well as associated documentation and reporting protocols. 


The Sunstates Mutual Aid Rapid Response Team was established in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in 2005 when both our staff and clients in the southeast region were majorly impacted by the storm.  Sunstates can deploy dozens of security professionals within 12-24 hours anywhere in the US.  Upon the initial requests for aid, managers and the SMARRT members will begin analyzing travel options, calling on officers to respond, and working with the client to identify personnel and equipment needs, risks to the assets and people, and contingency plans.

Traffic Control and Transportation

Parking, traffic and shuttle services help operations run smoothly and create a positive impression of your organization. Our officers can perform a variety of duties related to traffic and transportation, from directing event traffic to driving shuttle buses. In some environments, officers play a particularly important role in traffic management as they monitor truck access, check seals and bills of lading, and scan incoming and outgoing loads. Officers who operate around traffic will have specialized training regarding driver safety precautions, traffic direction, use of personal protective equipment, as well as site-specific facility training in operating guidelines and traffic protocol.

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