Understanding Your Industry Needs

Many industries present unique safety and security challenges. We carefully vet candidates and provide the specialized training and/or certifications necessary to equip security officers with the knowledge to meet these challenges. Specialized training sets our officers up for success in their role, whether guarding a remote staging facility, making congregation members feel welcome and safe, or monitoring a Global Security Operations Center.

Specialized Markets Services


We understand the ever-changing needs of construction sites, from project inception to finalization and ownership transfer. There are challenges to protecting an open construction environment where expensive supplies and equipment are unsecured, and a variation of contractors and visitors pass through daily. The open-access environment, high foot traffic, and various unrelated operating elements within the construction environment create a complex system.  Officers selected for construction sites are not only customer service oriented but also very alert, effective in the enforcement of access control and inventory management, and are trained to respond immediately to situations.

Defense and Aerospace

We provide Department of Defense (DoD) cleared officers with regulatory training who understand the importance of confidentiality in securing classified information, processes, equipment, and operations. Our rigorous onboarding process ensures strict adherence to security protocols and requirements within this vital service to aerospace, defense industry and U.S. government designated critical infrastructure operations. Our goal is to provide personnel with a history of dedication to the mission which is why we recruit personnel with an exemplary military background or similar experience.


We meet the widely differing challenges of grade-level and higher education in rural, suburban and urban campuses. We understand the obstacles that staff and students face, from bullying to vandalism to potentially illegal activity and the necessity of providing assurance that every student’s learning environment is safe.  Whether we are working closely with campus police or directly with administration, Sunstates tailors each program to meet the individual needs of the learning environment, provides necessary reporting to comply with the Clery Act requirements.


In difficult settings, such as remote staging areas and emergency response situations, the energy sector requires officers who not only understand your operations and have industry and regulatory-specific training but also can respond to unpredictable situations and quickly changing circumstances. Sunstates ensures that we place the right employee in the right environment, whether it is a remote operating station, a monitoring facility or a corporate operating environment.

Faith-Based Organizations

Sunstates understands the complexities of working with faith-based organizations, which often serve not only as a place of worship but also incorporate education, fitness and day-care facilities into their structure. Operating in this unique space, it is essential for security professionals to understand your values and the importance of serving as a public ambassador to a diverse group of individuals. Officers may perform various functions to include traffic direction/parking enforcement, issuing visitor badges, CCTV monitoring, access control, visitor escorts, lobby reception functions and temporary coverage for special events and ceremonies.


Clients in the financial sector operate across many different environments with varying scopes of work. Areas of operation may include corporate headquarters, data processing and call centers, retail branches and shared administrative offices. These may house specialized areas such as a Security Operations Center, trading floor, loading dock or secure IT server rooms. Sunstates provides security programs that combine safety, security and customer service to fulfill the unique needs of your facilities. In addition to site surveillance and access control, our officers may perform other specialized functions.  Sunstates understands the strict regulatory and legal requirements governing the financial industry.


Sunstates understands that the role of security in a healthcare environment varies significantly from that in any other industry. Officers receive specialized training regarding HIPAA, confidentiality of Private Health Information (PHI), Joint Commission Standards, Universal precautions, verbal de-escalation techniques, and much more. Any officer assigned to your facility will understand the importance of interacting with multiple levels of clientele, including medical staff, administrative officials, visitors and patients.

Logistics and Transportation

We comprehend that the integrity of your inbound and outbound freight is critical to every aspect of your operation.  We record movement, check seals and temperatures to verify the integrity of shipments and check IDs and manifests. Officers assigned to your location will receive in-depth training, on site-specific safety guidelines, as well as applicable regulatory measures such as C-TPAT and TWIC. In addition to standard duties, they may also deliver the safety orientation to contractors coming into the facility. 

Manufacturing and Distribution

Sunstates officers act as an essential part of your loss prevention program by partnering with your team to manage access, track inventory, and ensure that product is routed to the correct destination. Our officers serve as a welcoming presence for employees, truck drivers and visitors. In addition to managing access at a gatehouse and patrolling the premises, our officers can perform specialized functions such as checking truck seals and bills of lading, create customized reporting metrics, monitor incoming/outgoing inventory and ensuring on-site activites comply with OSHA, FDA and other regulatory guidelines.


We rise to the challenges of widely varying environments and circumstances in all cultural facilities.  From exhibit areas to warehouse/storage and equipment to special events and helping lost children, we ensure that the property, people and assets are equally protected.  Our officers also provide a friendly face, knowledge of contents, and positive first impression for all visitors to make everyone’s experience exceptional.


Sunstates has extensive experience providing customized solutions to critical infrastructure clients.  Our security officers are carefully screened and go through a rigorous training program with an emphasis on safety, access control, incident response, and compliance with applicable regulations. Specialized training may include NERC-CIP, CFATS, and other regulatory requirements. We coordinate with OSHA, American Chemical Council and other agencies to stay up-to-the-minute on standards and ensure not just satisfactory, but exemplary industry compliance.


Pharmaceutical facilities house multiple operating environments with widely varying security requirements ranging from production facilities, testing laboratories and vivarium to company headquarters and corporate campuses. Sunstates provides officers with the appropriate temperament and training to operate in these diverse environments, including topics such as clean room requirements, confidentiality of Private Health Information (PHI), managing the press, dealing with protesters and interacting with public officials.


We understand the unique challenges and federal regulations governing port operations and provide security personnel who are TWIC compliant, have the physical capability to perform the essential job functions and possess the communication skills. Officers working in this environment receive enhanced safety training as well as other applicable regulatory training in compliance with 33 CFR 105.210 and regarding TWIC and MTSA standards.

Property Management

Personnel assigned to this environment provides service to multiple clientele: property management personnel, building tenants, and the general public. We place officers as these sites who are customer-service focused and have a professional appearance and demeanor. Our security personnel can perform specialized functions such as concierge, security receptionist, badging associate, mailroom duties, dock master, and more. Sunstates creates customized learning tracks for each client facility, including customer service, building-specific life safety systems, access control, high-rise protocol, workplace violence/active shooter response, verbal de-escalation, and other important topics.


We balance safety, security, loss prevention and customer service while protecting you from unnecessary liability and incidents.  Officers are not only a deterrent for theft and vandalism but provide a friendly face and presence to assist tenants and visitors with all their security needs including reuniting lost children with their caregivers, managing lost and found items and creating a welcoming environment to make shoppers want to return over and over.


Sunstates knows that every community has its own personality and we tailor the security program to meet your individual needs. Our security officers are ambassadors for the community and meet and screen those entering the community either through a gatehouse or entry way with a concierge attitude coupled with security minded focus. The result: community members and guests feel both secure and welcome.


We supply officers with enhanced skill sets and the proper training to provide service to clients in the technology sector. Whether operating in an environment that produces technology or one that houses sensitive electronic information, Sunstates can provide officers with specialized knowledge to secure your product. Officers will be educated and understand the operating guidelines and safety hazards surrounding site-specific specialty areas such as clean rooms, server rooms, laboratories, etc. and will be held to the highest standards of confidentiality.

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