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Sunstates has extensive experience providing security programs to distribution center clients, demonstrating a vast understanding of the unique challenges and common concerns associated with this market. In a distribution center setting, we know that a security officer’s focus on safety is equally as important as security. We recognize the inherent challenges of protecting a high traffic environment where expensive products, supplies, and equipment are moving in and out. Additionally, a variety of contractors, workers, and visitors pass through sporadically.  We have the team and strategy to ensure top-notch, professional security at your distribution center.

Distribution Center Environment

The open-access environment and movement from both people and vehicles create a complex system that requires a specific skill set for the officer.  You’ll need a security officer who is customer service oriented, very alert, and effective in the enforcement of access control and inventory management.   Sunstates can provide that officer for you with continuous training and to be prepared to respond immediately to emergent situations.

Security Officer Selection

Our security officers are carefully screened and go through a rigorous training program that includes a heavy focus on safety. Officers working at distribution center sites can perform numerous functions such as:

  • Foot or vehicle patrols of site perimeter; foot patrols of building structures to serve as a deterrent to criminal activity and to identify potential safety hazards.
  • Logging trucks in and out.
  • Checking seals and bills of lading.
  • Maintaining inventory control ensuring that only adequately approved loads are removed from the site.
  • Contractor / visitor safety orientation.
  • Specialized reporting focused on areas of most importance to the client.

Why Sunstates?

Sunstates has performed numerous security services for distribution center clients, from single-site coverage to coordinating national account coverage.  We’re an industry leader with a differentiated approach to providing quality contract security services. Delivering millions of hours of contract security experience and all the resources and strength you expect from the largest providers. Still, our organization is uniquely structured to ensure consistently superior, client-centric service at the local level. The depth and breadth of our expertise and capabilities easily rival that of the industry giants. At the same time, our management team is involved and invested in every account to the degree that even in-house security teams often cannot match.

Distribution Center Security Jobs

To view our job opportunities, please visit our careers page Learn about working for Sunstates why our employee retention rate is higher than the industry average!

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