Healthcare Security Services

Healthcare Security Services Sunstates Security CompanySunstates Security offers its services to healthcare facilities across the country. We’re a leading provider you can trust to deliver a comprehensive plan for the unique environment healthcare facilities present. Offering healthcare security services to hospitals, medical clinics, long-term care institutions and community healthcare facilities, we can provide a specialized plan for your specific needs.

Need for Security in Healthcare Facilities

According to Security Magazine, nine in ten healthcare workers have witnessed or directly experienced (or been in close proximity to) violence from a patient or caregiver in the past month (April 2022). Three in four have encountered both verbal and physical assaults in the month and nearly half of workers needed to call for security or another coworker to assist.

Unique Environment

Sunstates understands that the role of security in a healthcare environment varies significantly from that in any other industry. Officers receive specialized training regarding HIPAA, the confidentiality of Private Health Information (PHI), Joint Commission Standards, universal precautions, verbal de-escalation techniques, and much more. Any officer assigned to your facility will understand the importance of interacting with multiple levels of clientele, including medical staff, administrative officials, visitors and patients.

Healthcare Security Services Offered

Our security personnel can expertly perform many duties for your healthcare facility, including but not limited to;

  • Access control: monitored through badging, personal interaction with employees and visitors, monitoring cameras and systems and patrolling.
  • EHS Support: Sunstates can provide officers who are certified EMTs or who have specialized training to respond to medical emergencies. During a medical emergency, they will react immediately, assessing the scene, calling 911, and setting up a team to meet first responders.
  • Facilities support: monitor CCTV, life safety alarms, HVAC, elevators and other critical operating systems while reporting to facility engineers any issues.
  • Monitoring: responsible for answering routine and emergency calls, monitoring cameras and alarms, operating access control technology, identifying, analyzing and supporting all incidents, both domestic and international.
  • Reception functions: these front-line security officers are selected for their professionalism and customer service skills. They are trained to serve as the face of your company. Lobby functions may involve greeting and/or escorting visitors, answering phones, providing directions and information, administering badges and performing access control functions.
  • Traffic control: parking, traffic and shuttle services help operations run smoothly and create a positive impression of your organization. Our officers can perform various duties related to traffic and transportation, from directing event traffic to driving shuttle buses. In some environments, officers play a particularly important role in traffic management as they monitor truck access, check seals and bills of lading, and scan incoming and outgoing loads.

Your healthcare workers should be able to focus on offering their services without being concerned about the above functions.

Contact Sunstates Security

Why contact Sunstates for your healthcare security services? Sunstates Security has extensive experience in providing comprehensive security programs to clients with similar requirements. Additionally, Sunstates delivers unparalleled service driven by stringent internal standards and hands-on management practices. Business portfolios of Sunstates managers are deliberately lesser than the industry standard to ensure they have the time to be a consistent presence at each client site several times each month. Officers and clients receive direct management support regularly, and there are continuous opportunities for reciprocal communication to ensure contract compliance and customer satisfaction.